Due to white pine blister rust concerns Currants and Gooseberries (Ribes) are regulated or banned in several States.  We do not ship ribes to the following states: Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island or West Virginia.

Michigan residents are regulated by county and may require a permit!

"Titania" variety Newer White Pine Blister Rust resistant variety. Vigorous, upright plant, up to 6 ft tall. Very productive. Medium to large fruit. Fruiting branches form arches from the weight of the fruit. Bareroot


"Titania" Black Currant Medium Bare Root


    •  Upon arrival:
      • Remove Currant plants from shipping box immediately and untie the bundles. Store Currant plants in a cool moist place. Keep roots moist at all times. Do not over water.
    • What Type of Soil:
      • Requires a soil pH of 5 to 8. Plants will grow in any well-drained soil.
    • How to Plant:
      • The top root on the cane should be 1” below the ground level. Plants should be spaced 2’ apart. Press soil firmly around the roots and water well. Water regularly. Do not over water.
    • When to Plant:
      • Fall or Early spring (April – May)
    • Where to Plant:
      • Full Sun.
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