Due to white pine blister rust concerns Currants and Gooseberries (Ribes) are regulated or banned in several States.  We do not ship ribes to the following states: Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Rhode Island or West Virginia.

Michigan residents are regulated by county and may require a permit!

"Titania" - Newer White Pine Blister Rust resistant variety. Vigorous, upright plant, up to 6 ft tall. Very productive. Medium to large fruit. Fruiting branches form arches from the weight of the fruit.


"Titania" Black Currant (8) Cuttings


    •  Upon arrival:
      • Remove cuttings from shipping package immediately and untie the bundles. Store cuttings in a cool moist place. Keep moist at all times.
    • What Type of Soil:
      • Requires a soil pH of 5 to 8. Plants will grow in any well-drained soil.
    • How to Plant:
      • Dig a hole deep enough to bury 2/3 of the cutting. Plant the cutting at a 45 degree angle. Leave 2 or 3 buds above the soil surface. Plant Cuttings at least 4 feet apart. Compact the soil around the cutting so there are no air pockets. Water well. Keep shaded for the first 2 weeks if the weather is hot. Water regularly.
    • Best Time to Plant:
      • Fall (September - October) or spring (April – May)
    • Where to Plant:
      • Full sun or part shade.
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