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Welcome to the Farm!

The USDA recognizes Michigan as one of the premier sites in the world for growing black currants. The new (old) superfruits.


We started our farm with the firm belief that our community deserves access to the most nutritious fruits available.


That is why we endeavored to be the first commercial growers of black currants, red currants and gooseberries in Michigan, serving u-pick customers as well as the wine, liquor and food industries.

Please visit us and make Coon's Berry Farm your first step on the path to healthier living!

If you are planning to visit the farm, you may want to know we welcome RVs on our property. If your RV or camper is self-contained you can reserve your spot for an overnight stay on our beautiful grounds. Our winery Currant Mist is now located at the farm too, as an additional perk for your stay.

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Estimated ripening of fruit

Please call (989) 615-4765 ​for the most current information
as our harvesting dates rely on Mother Nature and can change earlier or later by two weeks.

GOOSEBERRIES - July 5th - July 20th

EARLY RED CURRANTS - June 30 - July 10th

LATE RED CURRANTS - July 15 - July 30th

BLACK CURRANTS - July 10th - July 30th

We usually have both u-pick and pre-picked black currants. Registration for pre-picked black currants normally occurs late May through early July via the online form on the Register For Black Currants page of the website.


Red currants and gooseberries are only available as u-pick at the farm. We do NOT sell those berries pre-picked.

Many of you showed interest in sour cherries. Although we do not grow cherries, we are combining efforts with a Northern Michigan cherry farm to bring sour cherries to you in summer 2024. Registration is now open for sour cherries on our Register for Cherries  page.



Please subscribe to our emails to be notified of our harvest updates. Thank you for your support!

All roads lead to Coon's Berry Farm!

(But please come north from McNally Road... unless you want to swim! North Lewis Road dead ends at the Salt River!)


We grow the following gooseberries varieties:

Hinnomaki Red

Hinnomaki Yellow

black currant

We grow the following black currant varieties:








red currant

We grow the following red currant varieties:



Jonkheer Van Tets


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