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U-pick Update

A little bit of info for all of you waiting oh so patiently for the berries.

As you can see, the black currants are starting to turn black. U-pick for black currants should start in about 10 to 14 days. U-pick dates and times will be posted on our website and FB page.


The red currants are ripening now. But we have decided, because the bushes are not as mature as the black currants, we will not have u-pick of red currants. We will be hand picking those and running product trials. Products available for purchase will be listed on our website.


The gooseberries have been raided by deer. Very frustrating. By next summer they will be moved into the fenced-in area.


On the positive side, we have a new hire! Please meet Jefferson. He is our security guard, started his job today. He has been assigned the task of chasing away pesky birds that are eyeing our ripening berries.


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