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2021 Gooseberry U-Pick

2021 u-pick season is starting next weekend! We will be opening up the farm for you on July 3rd and 4th for gooseberries. We do not have too many gooseberry bushes, so the picking will not last very long. After July 4th we will reevaluate the picking situation and see if there will be any gooseberries left for more picking. Our hours of operation for July 3rd and 4th will be 9 am to 3 pm.

Gooseberries are very thorny, and the thorns are extremely sharp. Please bring a pair of gloves and wear a shirt with long sleeves, so your hands and arms don't end up being a bloody mess.

Please be advised that the PARKING RULES HAVE CHANGED! We will no longer allow driving through our yard and parking by the old barn. You will need to park in the new parking area on the other side of the creek and walk across the gravel bridge to the old barn to check in. We will have signage to direct you to the new parking area. We appreciate your cooperation in our attempts to keep our farm beautiful.

Another change we are introducing this year: YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO PICK BERRIES INTO OR PURCHASE A BOX FROM US. The boxes are 50 cents each. We will no longer provide picking buckets!

Please consider the following when planning your berry picking trip: 1) bring a hat and sunscreen, bug spray, plenty of water to drink, wear closed toe shoes and a long sleeve shirt;

2) a folding stool may come in handy when picking berries;

3) u-pick gooseberries will be priced at $5.00/pound this year. No personal checks please. Cash preferred. There will be a 3.5% fee added to all credit/debit card transactions;

4) please keep in mind, if you are bringing your children for berry picking, they MUST STAY WITH YOU AND BE UNDER YOUR SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES! A farm can be a dangerous place for a child, please keep your children safe by keeping them close to you the whole time you are at the farm!

5) if you know you are allergic to bee stings, please bring your epi-pen with you. There are lots of various bees and wasps on the farm;

See you all at the farm and winery!


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