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2019 U-Pick Update

The currant picking season is rapidly approaching. We expect to begin picking around July 15th this year. The black currants will be plentiful, the red currants - not so much. Due to the extreme weather conditions we've had non-stop since last August, the red currant harvest will be pretty slim. If all goes well between now and mid-July, we will be adding gooseberries to our u-pick this year, although in very limited amounts. The price for u-pick black and red currants will be $3.50 per pound, gooseberries $5 per pound. U-pick dates and times will be posted in a couple of weeks on our FB page at

Another piece of exciting news that we would like to share with you is that we will be bringing pre-picked black currants to 3 farmers markets in the Detroit area this summer. If you cannot make it to the farm but would still like some black currants, visit us at to get our farmers market schedule, pricing and to pre-order. We strongly encourage you to pre-order your berries to ensure availability!

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